Headstones & Memorials

We have headstones and Memorials to fit all needs.

Natural Granite has been used throughout the ages for strength, performance and beauty.

Plan your Memorial Inscription:

We will be happy to help you plan your inscription. Please remember to bring details such as date of birth, date of passing, relationship to spouse and family, and a suitable sentiment (we can help with suggestions). We also have a

large selection of Epitaphs, Sentiments & other suitable Verses for your Memorial.

Granite Polished Finish – A polished finish on your memorial will st

ay pristine for years with a minimum of maintenance and a large selection of colours, shapes and styles.

Rock-edged Granite brings a natural stone feel to a headstone.

Rocks – We stock a range of rock suitable for either: direct lettering, bronze plaque or a granite plaque to be placed.

Bronze Plaque – Bronze stands the test of time and requires no maintenance

Granite Plaque – Granite is a cost effective option and comes in a variety of colours as      well as being able to add illustrations, ceramic photo’s and further future lettering.

Inscriptions are normally in Gold, white or silver colours. GOLD is 23 carat gold leaf and will last for many years.

Granite Plaques can also be added in front of existing memorials

Ceramic Photo’s  are made from extremely hard wearing material and are fine tuned from an existing photo.

Added Inscriptions – Added lettering to existing headstones and plaques, we also clean up the existing stone and redo past lettering before replacement.

Before & After

Customised Artwork – We encourage people to design their own artwork or use our artist’s talents if needed. Complicated designs are no problem to us – however a charge is made for the designs that are “one off”. Some will take hours some will take minutes – bring your design or photo in and let us see what it will take.

Pet Memorials – We also design & make memorial / headstones for the passing of your pet.